Mike Newbern is the Best Choice for Southwest Columbus

Thursday, October 30th, 2014 @ 2:28AM

Note: This letter by one of Mike’s supporters was submitted to the Dispatch earlier this week.

My name is Sara Lowery. I am a single mother to two boys. This year, I’m defying stereotypes. I’m voting for Mike Newbern, a Republican, and you should too.

I first met Mike over a month ago when he was canvassing door-to-door in my neighborhood. I interviewed for a job shortly before I met him where I would be dealing with politicians. I got the impression from the ones I met that they felt like they deserved to be treated better than everyone else. Mike is down to earth and not at all what I expected.

Not only is he down to earth, but he was actually in Georgian Heights asking for votes. I often feel like residents of the South and West sides of Columbus are regarded as the black sheep nobody talks about, much less with. Mike, however, is genuinely interested in what we have to say and has been in my neighborhood on multiple occasions meeting us on our time and our turf.

As a single mother of two young boys living in Georgian Heights, I am the demographic written off as a sure democratic vote. The media tells me that Republicans don’t care about me or the fact that I have to work two jobs to provide for my boys. I turned down that noise and gave Mike a chance.

I quickly learned that stereotype is also the furthest from the truth.

As a parent stuck in Columbus City Schools, I am frustrated. We keep demanding better schools, only to learn that the people we trusted lied to and cheated us. In the end, they robbed our children of a quality education and us parents of the ability to put them in a school where they could get one. My oldest goes to a failing school now and I am not excited about his high school prospects.

I don’t trust the public school system anymore, but I don’t have a choice. Like me, Mike doesn’t think bureaucrats are in a position to decide what’s best for my boys. I am. I want that choice.

I can’t just move to a better school district. I certainly can’t afford to pay for a private education while simultaneously funding a failing public school with my taxes. It’s my money. I should be able to use it to get the best education I can for my boys.

Mike agrees and I believe he will stand up for my right to choose.

I believe in him so much that I took five hours out of a day I would otherwise be able to spend with my boys to go door-to-door with him. I put a sign on my fence. And I’m telling you about him now.

It’s time we break the mold. It’s time we all defy stereotypes. It’s time we put someone in office who will stand up for our right to choose.

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